Thursday, July 19, 2018

Team Leaders


Inventory - Farana Jabbar


Farana currently manages 21 bar worth of stock with an estimated turnover of R10 000 000 a month. She is responsible for planning, controlling and organizing all stockholdings of the business, including the reporting and stock management, which comprises of 23 different databases, 13 of which are warehousing facilities and 4 in-house stores. Her department is responsible for compiling and maintaining records of quantity, type and value of material our company has in stock. Liaising with other departments to improve warehousing and management of inventory and to organise the inventory on the most efficient and accessible manner. The oversight of the warehouse and distribution functions that are related to goods purchased for resale



Accounts - Kathy Corneelson


Kathy handles the accounts at C&R Brand Solutions, which are done with meticulous attention to detail, with many retail and wholesale clients. This includes four outside stores and two which we run a payroll system where the employee’s of our clients purchase their employers branded corporate clothing.  This is where specialized, accurate and reliable accounting is necessary.  She oversees all the documentation of all financial transactions done. Her mantra is improving efficiencies and reducing costs and converting ideas into achievable and implemented strategies.



Operations - JP Erasmus


Having been recently appointed as the Operations Manager, my duties involve overseeing and taking responsibility for all the activities within C&R Brand Solutions, which contribute to the effective production of goods and services. As the Operations Manager, I have to develop a clear vision of how operations will achieve the strategic objectives and goals, set out by the shareholders. This also involves translating these goals into implications for the operation's performance, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost. With my strong personality traits of being a structured numbers guy, I feel that I am perfectly suited for this challenge. I strive to be the best at what I do and pride myself in being somewhat of a ‘know-it-all’, which makes me an invaluable asset and a wealth of knowledge.
Excellence is my driving force and achieving it, is my goal.



Production - George Kondylis


George has extensive experience in manufacturing and production. He strives for excellence in heading up the production department, which has allowed him the opportunity to merge the clothing, bags and gifts divisions through excellent and constant improving teamwork. Together with his team they aim to provide clients with the highest quality goods in the shortest possible time frame. 




Procurement - Melanie Kondylis


Melanie heads Procurement with over 11 years buying experience.She takes great pride when negotiating the best price without compromising the quality of our products. She is driven to buy locally to ensure our BEE Scores remain constant, while building strategic relationships with suppliers.

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